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About Our Services

In 2012, after much demand from municipalities purchasing trees from us, we began offering tree services to help cities protect their trees and maintain their Urban Forest. We employ and invest in Certified Arborists (Find an Arborist) to provide our clients with science-driven solutions to their tree care problems. Whether it be planting, consultation, pruning, stump removal, or tree injections, you can count that the work is done consistently to specification and that the project timeline is accurate.
“A society grows great when old men plant trees
whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

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Services We Offer

At SuperTrees®, we have you covered by consistently providing a full range of precision tree care services from planting to removal, cradle to grave, and everything in between.

Our tree care services are always in strict accordance with American National Standards Institute (ANSI A300) best management practices, and our cleanup is meticulous. These services include:

Professional Consultation

Our ISA Board Certified Master Arborist® is also Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ) and can leverage a great breadth and depth of experience to help solve difficult tree situations.

Nursery Stock of the Highest Quality

Our diverse inventory is grown using air-pruning technology, which significantly improves root health and tree performance.

Correct Planting

We use the tree’s anatomy, not the container, as our guide to ensure optimal establishment while minimizing later issues. In some situations, we can also transplant existing trees.

Proper Pruning

At appropriate intervals, we guide trees to their optimal structure, thus minimizing future costs and liabilities. We also rehabilitate and restore neglected trees and specialize in fruit tree pruning.

Integrated Pest Management

Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice, so we accurately identify problem organisms and manage them without harming the environment.

Plant Health Care

We proactively address nutrient deficiencies using the latest technology, including tree-injections.

Tree Inventories

Generally reserved for municipalities, we have ample experience employing the latest technology to accurately inventory several thousand trees for the purpose of better management.

Tree Support

We are competent in providing safe, industry accepted, options other than removal to mitigate structural defects in trees.

Tree Removal

When removal is the best or only option, we are able to do it with genuine compassion and utmost safety.

Stump Grinding

When we remove trees, we can also completely remove their stump for immediate replanting or turf establishment.

Root Collar Excavation

When we excavate the root collar of a tree, we remove dirt and debris to inspect the area for root girdling or for decay.
SuperTrees Services - Our Services

Why SuperTrees® Services?

SuperTrees Services - Our Services
We believe that trees are more than mere components of your green infrastructure; they are more than the sum of their roots, branches and leaves – or even the sum of their myriad contributions to our lives and environment.   Indeed, we believe trees are an indispensable component of healthy holistic communities and culture, and as such, they deserve the highest quality care possible.

High Quality Care? How?

Our ISA Certified Arborists® tirelessly and passionately pursue arboricultural excellence and uncompromising safety with each and every tree, be it large or small, that we have the privilege of caring for.

SuperTrees Services - ISA - Master Arborists
Daniel Allen
SuperTrees Services - ISA - Member
Daniel Allen
SuperTrees Services - ISA - Municipal Specialist
Daniel Allen
SuperTrees Services - ISA - Certified Arborist
David Bourscheidt
SuperTrees Services - ISA - Certified Tree Worker
David Bourscheidt
SuperTrees Services - Tree Management

The Value of Trees

SuperTrees Services - Tree Management
“Trees are the answer.”  You’ve probably seen that cliche on a bumper sticker somewhere.  But, have you really ever stopped to think of just how important and valuable trees are?  From the oxygen you just took in, to the walls and roof of your home; and from the juicy apple you recently enjoyed, to a 15% boost in your property value, trees are constantly benefiting us.  It’s no wonder they hold such a place in our hearts and lore.  But, like anything of value, trees need routine maintenance to perform at their best for the greatest amount of time.  That’s where we come in.


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