SuperTrees® Incorporated

Our Story

Built from scratch, American made, and family owned. With a legacy of quality since the 1970’s, SuperTrees Incorporated was founded with the end customer in mind. With vision, inspiration, persistence, and optimism, SuperTrees Incorporated has became an exemplar of an American dream turned to an American reality.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the healthiest trees, professional tree services, and high-quality plant-based products. Our trees are grown in Oregon with air-pruning technology which lends to better roots, which grow better trees. Our tree services, which are managed by certified arborists, are offered in the states where our trees are distributed. Currently we operate in Oregon, Colorado, and Utah.

Each of our herbal products is made with the finest botanical extracts obtained from plants, such as hemp, aloe, and slippery elm. All of our formulas are manufactured to the highest standards and tested for quality and purity, ensuring you the best plant-based products available today.

SuperTrees Botanicals - Our CBD

Our CBD: From Seed To Oil

With over 40 years of experience growing trees, we know what it takes to grow quality plants. We use our experience to grow healthy hemp plants that are carefully cultivated, without any pesticides, to produce high-quality oils. We extract the oils using supercritical CO2, the cleanest and purest way to extract oil. These extracts are then used to create our signature CBD formulas, so you know you are getting the cleanest and purest hemp products available today.

Our Botanicals & Supplements:

Made 100% natural and pure, our innovative herbal products are more than just CBD. All of our products are formulated with a unique selection of herbal ingredients, each of which is hand-picked for its natural health benefits. We have a selection of the highest quality and purity available on the market. Celery Seed Supplement, Slippery Elm Supplement, Herbal Diuretic, Herbal Laxative. Click below to learn more about our products and manufacturing process.

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SuperTrees Nursery - Our Trees

"Better Roots Grow Better Trees"

Our Trees:

SuperTrees Incorporated has been serving communities and helping grow urban forests throughout the nation since 2005. Our two family-owned farms, located South of the Portland metro, produce over 150 different tree varieties. We believe in using the best production methods to give our end consumers the highest quality root system possible. This means all our container stock is grown in air-pruning pots (how air pruning works). Additionally, all balled and burlap trees are hand-dug and wrapped. We put our money where our mouth is when we say that “better roots, grow better trees”.

Our Tree Services:

Where our trees grow, we go. We employ and invest in Certified Arborists (Find an Arborist) to provide our clients with science-driven solutions to their tree care problems. Our services include professional consultation, nursery stock of the highest quality, correct planting, proper pruning, integrated pest management, plant health care, tree inventories, tree support, tree removal, and stump grinding.
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