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Qualities of a SuperTree™

  • Central Leader: Trees should have a single, relatively straight central leader and tapered trunk, free of codominant stems and vigorous, upright branches that compete with the central leader.
  • Main Branches (scaffolds): Branches should be distributed radially around and vertically along the trunk, forming a generally symmetrical crown typical for the species.  Branch diameter should be no greater than 2/3 (two thirds) the diameter of the trunk. The attachment of scaffold branches should be at wide angles and free of included bark.
  • Trunk diameter and taper: shall be sufficient so that the tree will remain vertical without the support of a nursery stake.
  • Roots: The trunk, root collar (root crown) and large roots should be free of circling, girdling, and/or kinked (J-roots) roots. The root collar should be within 1″ (one inch) above or below the soil surface.  The rootball periphery should be free of large circling and bottom–matted roots with roots radiating symmetrically from the center of the root ball.
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"Better Roots Grow Better Trees"

How the Air-Pruning Technology Works:

SuperTrees™ are grown in special containers that use air to keep the roots from circling. The shape of the container guides growing roots toward the hole. Since a root doesn’t grow in air, it will stop growing once it reaches the hole. This is called “air-pruning”. The air-pruning process develops healthy, fibrous, white-tipped roots. These healthy roots establish quickly and are most efficient at absorbing nutrients.

SuperTrees Nursery - SuperTree Air-pot Holes
SuperTrees Nursery - SuperTree Air-pot Fibrous Roots
SuperTrees Nursery - SuperTree Air-pot Tehnology
SuperTrees Nursery - SuperTree Air-pot Fibrous Root Structure

Roots of a SuperTree™:

These superior roots are what make SuperTrees™ grow faster than trees grown in conventional containers. These pictures show what the roots look like after all of the soil is washed out. As you can see, SuperTree™ roots are thick, fibrous and ready for transplant.

SuperTree™ Tree with root problems
Tree Cost (-$150) (-$150)
Tree Removal N/A (-$1,000)
Tree Replacement N/A (-$150)
Home Appreciation $1500 $0
Total Worth $1350 -$1300
Value Difference = $2,650 plus time and frustration

Avoid Poor Roots

Poor roots are caused by the common tree pots. Avoid these problems by planting a SuperTree™.

Traditional plastic nursery containers cause the roots of growing trees to develop a circling pattern. As the tree grows these circling roots will maintain their circling pattern, choking the tree and creating poor conditions for it later on.

Avoid Circling Roots By Purchasing a SuperTree™

Circling roots create major problems, such as the following:

SuperTrees Nursery - SuperTree Without Air-pots

Permanent damage to the growth pattern of roots

Typical nursery pots cause root systems to circle permanently damaging the growth pattern of the roots and affecting the overall health of the tree.

SuperTrees Nursery - SuperTree Without Air-pots

Hazardous liability

As the tree grows larger, it will eventually blow over, becoming a hazardous liability.

SuperTrees Nursery - SuperTree Without Air-pots

More susceptible to diseases

Trees with circling roots will not be as efficient at absorbing nutrients becoming highly susceptible to diseases.

SuperTrees Nursery - SuperTree Without Air-pots

Eventual choking and killing of the tree

Circling root systems will continue to grow in a spiral eventually choking and killing the tree. Primary market research conducted at Brigham Young University indicates that 73% of nursery professionals think that circling roots are a problem.

The SuperTrees™ Growing Grounds:

SuperTrees™ progress through different sizes of Air-pots until they are at selling age.
Click here to see some of the tree varieties we grow.

SuperTrees Nursery - SuperTree Air-pots
SuperTrees Nursery - SuperTree Air-pots
SuperTrees Nursery - SuperTree Air-pots

Our Guarantee

SuperTrees® Inc. ships only the healthiest trees in the nursery. Root problems are difficult to detect and can easily be hidden by placing the tree in a larger container. It’s important to know that your tree has been properly grown. As such we guarantee that all SuperTrees™ are grown using air-pruning technology. We guarantee that there are no root problems hidden in the soil.


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