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Wisconsin Red™ American Hornbeam

The Wisconsin Red™ American Hornbeam (Carpinus caroliniana ‘Wisconsin Red’) is a small- to medium-sized ornamental shade tree. It has a nice form and a symmetrical rounded crown. In autumn, it has a distinctive, lively red to orange to yellow display of fall color unlike any other hornbeam cultivar and might make you question the species. Looking at its trunk will reassure you that it is indeed a hornbeam, with its characteristic smooth gray, muscle-like fluting features. 

The Wisconsin Red™ American Hornbeam was selected by Michael Yanny of JN Plant Selections out of Johnson’s Nursery in Wisconsin. He worked on developing this cultivar for 35 years, selecting saplings with some fall color year after year until the variety had consistent, bright and fiery autumn foliage. This tree is very adaptable to a variety of conditions as its parent species is. A great choice as an ornamental shade tree in a park or urban yard due to its compact size,  brilliant color, and winter beauty. It does well in partial to full sun and prefers moist soils. 


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