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Orangeola Maple

The Orangeola Maple is a small-sized tree that has a very unique display of foliage throughout the spring, summer, and fall. It is similar in growth habit to the Inaba Shidare Japanese Maple, with lace-like dissected leaves and weeping branches but does not have as broad of a canopy, although it still has a cascading shape.

The Orangeola Maple cultivar has a distinct display of a variety of magnificent colors throughout the warmer months. In the spring, the leaves start off as bright orange-red, adding vibrant new foliage to the garden. As summer approaches, they start to turn into a greenish-red with a hint of the orange from the beginning of spring. In midsummer, they then burst with a fresh coat of orange atop the previous colors, creating a multi-toned shade of orange with reddish-green. A fiery red-orange comes out in the fall, and their leaves stay on the tree longer than most other deciduous species.

This diverse array of colors grows best in either partial or full sun, and can be easily grown in a container or in the garden. It may scorch when grown in hot climates with drier soils. 

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Growing Zones


Mature Height

5-10 feet

Mature Width

4-8 feet

Container Size