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Superform Norway Maple

The Superform Norway Maple (Acer platanoides ‘Superform’) is a fast-growing, beautifully aesthetic medium- to large-sized tree. It gets its name for its nearly perfectly symmetric shape, straight trunk, broad, rounded canopy, and uniform branching habits. It also has an exceptional display of beauty in both the spring and fall, blooming with green-yellow flowers as the leaves start to grow back and eventually turn a brilliant yellow in fall that exceeds any other Norway Maple.

The Superform Norway Maple was introduced in 1963-1964 by Milton Nursery in Oregon. It makes for a great shade tree due to its wide-spread canopy and dense branching habit. It also has shallow roots that compete with lawn grasses. It does well in partial or full sun and can withstand most soil types. 

Growing Zones

Mature Height

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