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Sycamore Maple

The Sycamore Maple (Acer pseudoplatanus) is a large-sized fast-growing tree. It has upright, spreading branches that form an oval crown. The 5-lobed leaves in the spring emerge as dark green in the spring and stay the same color throughout the summer. There is no significant fall color. 

The Sycamore Maple is native to Europe and western Asia and has been introduced across the world. There are records of it being introduced to the UK before the 17th century. This tree is vigorous and can grow in a variety of environments in a variety of conditions but may need a bit of care if in very hot, dry climates. It makes a great shade tree for either parks or open spaces in yards. 


Container Size

Trunk Caliper

Growing Zones

zones 4-7

Mature Height

40-80 feet

Mature Width

30-60 feet


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