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Redpointe® Maple

The Redpointe® Maple (Acer rubrum ‘Frank Jr.’) is a medium- to large-sized tree that has attractive fall colors and an appealing canopy shape. It grows upright with a broad, pyramidal, and symmetrical form, with a strong, very straight trunk. The leaves are a dark green and get glossy in the summer before turning a great bright red in the fall. 

The Redpointe® Maple was selected by J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co. and is over-performing across North America as a low-maintenance and beautiful autumn tree. Its wide canopy and dense branching make it a great shade tree and its upright branches also make it a good fit for a street or park tree. It does well in partial or full sun and tolerates most growing conditions except for alkaline soils.


Container Size

Trunk Caliper


Growing Zones

zones 4-8

Mature Height

40-45 feet

Mature Width

25-30 feet