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Red Sunset® Maple

The Red Sunset® Maple (Acer rubrum ‘Franksred’) is a medium- to large-sized tree that grows at a moderate rate and has a splendid display of fall foliage. Their crown is well-branched and starts off as cone-shaped when they are younger and becomes rounded and symmetrical as they reach maturity. The leaves of this tree emerge as a shiny green with the slightest hint of red in the spring before turning a dark green in the summer. In fall the colors are what names the tree, turning a bright orange-scarlet that lights up any landscape.

The Red Sunset® Maple was selected by J. Frank Schmidt, Jr. of J. Frank Schmidt & Sons Co.. It is a great option for a showy shade tree in a park or in a yard. It is a sight to behold when standing alone but it can also give a burst of flavor to a fall landscape of many trees. It does well in partial or full sun and is adaptable to many soil types. 

Growing Zones

Mature Height

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