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Queen Elizabeth™ Hedge Maple

The Evelyn or Queen Elizabeth™ Hedge Maple variety is similar to Hedge Maple in size and growing conditions. This cultivar diverges from the Hedge Maple with its more upright branching habits, bigger leaves, a more symmetrical canopy structure that requires less pruning, and a faster growth rate in the first year.

Discovered growing in the wild, the Queen Elizabeth™ Hedge Maple is a great option in urban environments for alongside parking lots and sidewalks along with residential landscapes near driveways and porches, due to the more upright branches (naturally more space in the low canopy). Also works well as a shade tree. It thrives in full sun and tolerates many soil types and conditions but prefers alkaline soils. The dark green foliage turns yellowish in the fall. 


Container Size

Trunk Caliper

Growing Zones

zones 5-8

Mature Height

25-35 feet

Mature Width

25-35 feet