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October Glory® Red Maple

The October Glory® Red Maple (Acer rubrum ‘October Glory’) is a medium- to large-sized fast-growing tree. It has very advantageous ornamental features, especially for the hotter southern climates. In the spring, its leaves emerge and are a shiny green throughout the summer before turning a flashy red in the fall. This tree’s leaves tend to stay on late into the fall (beginning-mid November) and give off radiant color up to zone 9. It has a tall form with an oval canopy. 

The October Glory® Red Maple was selected by Princeton University in New Jersey around 1961. It is one of the most popular red maples due to its eye-popping, durable color and vigorous growth. One of the fastest growing maple cultivars. It serves very well as an ornamental shade tree and can take up a whole landscape on its own or be incorporated into a forested landscape. This tree can grow well in partial or full sun and tolerates a variety of soils with a preference towards acidic and moist conditions. 


Container Size


Trunk Caliper


Growing Zones

zones 4-9

Mature Height

40-50 feet

Mature Width

30-40 feet