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Flame Amur Maple multi

The Flame Amur Maple multi (Acer ginnala ‘Flame’ multi) carries all the same favorable traits as the tree form. It differs as the multi-stemmed form of the maple allows it to grow more into a bush-like shrub or hedge. This large shrub has great ornamental value with its red samaras popping out from the distinct green leaves in late summer then continues to impress in the fall with a transformation of green to vibrant scarlet leaves. It also is very drought-tolerant and can thrive in both full or partial sun. Makes a great addition to a yard where there is not a lot of room or as a privacy screen. Average growth rate of up to 2’ a year. 


Container Size


Trunk Caliper

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Growing Zones

zones 3-8

Mature Height

15-20 feet

Mature Width

15-20 feet