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Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple

The Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum ‘“Bailsta” Fall Fiesta’) is a medium- to large-sized tree known for its rapid growth rate (at least 2 feet per season) and fall foliage. It also has an attractive upright, symmetrical form which makes it a great shade tree. In the spring and summer the leaves are a shiny intense green with a leathery texture. In the fall, the leaves explode into a yellow-orange-red color giving the cultivar its patented name, Fall Fiesta.

The Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple was selected in 1987 from a sugar maple stock by Bailey Nursery, Inc. in Yamhill, Oregon. This cultivar is loaded with reasons to plant it from anywhere from your yard, to a local park, to a large city environment. Its low-maintenance, pleasing to look at (for form, size, and foliage color), provides adequate shade, and can tolerate many conditions. It grows well in full or partial sun and can endure a variety of soil types (grows best in moist, well-drained soils). 

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