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Emerald Queen Norway Maple

The Emerald Queen Norway Maple (Acer platanoides ‘Emerald Queen) is a medium- to large-sized, fast-growing tree. It can also add significant ornamental value to a variety of landscapes. In the spring, green-yellow flowers show out on the tree, and although they are small, they can add considerable interest to any yard or city scene. The leaves are a shining green throughout the spring and summer before turning a pleasing yellow in the fall.

The Emerald Queen Norway Maple was selected as a seedling in 1959 by A. McGill and Son Nursery in Oregon before they raised and introduced it in their catalogs in 1963. It has an upright, oval crown that can spread quite broadly due to its size. It is somewhat drought tolerant and does well in full or partial sun while also tolerating most soil types. 


Container Size

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Trunk Caliper

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Growing Zones

zones 3-7

Mature Height

40-60 feet

Mature Width

35-45 feet