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Crimson Sentry Norway Maple

The Crimson Sentry Norway Maple (Acer platanoides ‘Crimson Sentry’) is an ornamental tree that has, like the Crimson King, maroon-colored leaves. It differs from the Crimson King in that it is slightly slower growing and it has a much more upright, narrow shape to it. Some say its appearance could resemble a combination of the Crimson King and the Columnare Norway Maples.

The Crimson Sentry Norway Maple was selected as a stunted sport of a Crimson King in 1970. It was raised in A. McGill and Son Nursery in Oregon and introduced in 1974. Its narrow canopy and densely branched growing habit makes it a great tree for narrow streets in city environments or for a tight space in a yard that could use some shade. It is somewhat drought tolerant and does well in partial or full sun. Tolerant to most soil types. 


Container Size


Trunk Caliper

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Growing Zones

zones 4-7

Mature Height

20-25 feet

Mature Width

10-15 feet