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Carnival Hedge Maple

The Carnival Hedge Maple is a smaller, more boisterous variety of Hedge Maple. Found as a seedling by A. van Nijnatten and introduced in the Netherlands in 1989, its 5-lobed leaves emerge as a creamy-pink color with a white border in the spring. As the leaves mature the creamy-pink turns green but the white border remains until the leaves drop. The Carnival Hedge Maple is a slow-growing tree that thrives in partial sun as the leaves can become scorched with too much sun exposure (avoid afternoon sun). It is adaptable to most soils with a preference towards alkaline soils. Foliage does not change color significantly in the fall but retains its variegated leaf pattern until the winter.


Container Size

Trunk Caliper

Growing Zones

zones 4-8

Mature Height

20-30 feet

Mature Width

20-30 feet