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Majestic Black Tupelo

The Majestic Black Tupelo (Nyssa sylvatica ‘Majestic’) is a small- to medium-sized ornamental shade tree. It has an upright growth habit branching out from a strong central leader and a canopy that is more pyramidal when young but rounds out into a more conical shape as it matures. The foliage is pleasant and simplistic with an ovate, pointed-ended shape and a dark green, glossy exterior. The leaves in the fall develop into  brilliant shades of red, orange, yellow, and purple that will colorfully light up the landscape. 

The Majestic Black Tupelo’s parent species (Nyssa sylvatica) is native to eastern North America. This cultivar is unique in its smaller size, upright growth habit, as well as its darker and glossier leaves. It is a great shade tree for small yards that brightens up the landscape in the fall. Its pleasant form is extenuated after the leaves drop and provides a nice specimen in the winter time. It prefers full sun and can grow in both wet and dry soils and is somewhat tolerant of drought.


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