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Upright Green Leaf Japanese Maple

The Upright Green Lace Leaf Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum ‘Seiryu) is a small-sized ornamental tree. It has  deeply cut, lace-like leaves that emerge as bright green tipped with red in the spring and turn a lighter green in the summer but still maintain a light red outline to them. In the fall the leaves display a captivating mixture of  yellow-gold and crimson. This cultivar is unique in that it has lace-like leaves like a small cascading Japanese Maple but instead it grows upright and vase shaped. 

The Upright Green Lace Leaf Japanese Maple can grow in full sun or partial shade, but like most Japanese Maples, especially in hot climates, they will maintain their color best with some afternoon shade. This makes them a great option as an understory tree as part of the landscape or by a house or building standing by itself. Prefers well-drained soils but grows well in a variety of conditions. 


Container Size

Trunk Caliper

Growing Zones

zones 5-8

Mature Height

10-15 feet

Mature Width

8-12 feet