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Green Laceleaf Japanese Maple

The Green Laceleaf Japanese Maple is a small-sized tree that has a cascading or weeping form with a satisfying branching pattern, making it more dense than most small, weeping Japanese Maples. It has luminescent green leaves that are long and lace-like, appearing almost as delicate leaves of a fern. In the fall they turn golden-yellow and sometimes can have splashes of crimson.

The Green Laceleaf Japanese Maple is a great option for the patio or near a taller tree in the garden. While it does not have the distinctive Japanese Maple purple leaves, it can serve as an engaging and complementing smaller piece next to another Japanese Maple such as Bloodgood or Emperor 1. It can tolerate partial and full sun, but does best with some afternoon shade. It grows best in moist, well-drained soils.


Container Size

Trunk Caliper

Growing Zones

zones 5-8

Mature Height

5-10 feet

Mature Width

5-15 feet