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Coral Bark Japanese Maple

The Coral Bark Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum ‘Sango Kaku’) is a small- to medium-sized tree highly sought-out for its ornamental value during the winter months. It certainly still has something to offer in the warmer months, the 5-7 lobed leaves opening up as a light yellowish-green in the spring and summer before turning a handsome yellow-gold in the fall. But its bark is the main draw to this ancient cultivar. The bark on this tree is a coral pink color, and as the winter engulfs the rest of the landscape, the coral bark becomes almost luminescent, especially on the tree’s new growth. 

An upright vase-shaped tree, the Coral Bark Japanese Maple has been traced back in Yokohama Nursery’s records as far back as 1880. It is slower-growing, and can thrive in full or partial sun. Prefers moist soils. 


Container Size


Trunk Caliper

Growing Zones


Mature Height

20-25 feet

Mature Width

15-20 feet