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Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar

The Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar (Cedrus Atlantica ‘Glauca Pendula’) is a small-sized ornamental tree with a rather unusual but fascinating appearance. This evergreen tree has a narrow form and weeping growing habit, its dense limbs covered thickly in clusters of short blue-green needles. It is also coniferous and gives off upright, barrel-shaped cones. While it does have natural narrow form, this tree can be trained or staked to whatever shape you would like it to grow in, whether it is columnar and upright or spreading in a number of directions.

The Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar was developed by a nurseryman in France and named in 1990. It has been sold in North America since around 1943.

This tree can be a spectacular addition to a garden or yard with a little creative thinking. It is sometimes trained as an archway (or to grow along an archway) or up along a wall in whatever shape you want it to, with proper training methods. It is also a captivating sight when just left to its own vices to grow naturally, forming a more spread out weeping canopy. It does well in partial to full sun and does not have a specific preference to soil type. It can also grow in hot and humid conditions and is drought tolerant once established. 

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