Our Story

Do it right the first time. From seed to oil, our guarantee is that your wellness is our priority.

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Our Process

By controlling the entire production process of all our natural botanical products, we can guarantee it’s never rushed and that all our products are effective and safe.

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Our Products

 All of our products have been formulated using the safest production methods. They are tested to ensure overall quality so that you can enjoy the best that mother nature has to offer safely and confidently.

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Our Brand

At SuperTrees, our only commitment is to our customers, and with that comes our dedication to continuously providing the most excellent botanical products.

Who We Are

The SuperTrees Botanicals name is part of the bigger mission to create products customers will always look forward to using, which started with SuperTrees in 2005. We want to make sure every experience with our brand is a positive one, and that we are doing everything we can to promote and enhance wellness. As we continue to improve our products to serve all of our customers better, we’re always listening to feedback. Our SuperTrees family keeps expanding every day with every satisfied customer that experiences the benefits of our products first-hand. As we continue spreading our message and growing long-lasting relationships, we hope you’ll join us.

Why Us?

We are a plant-based, family-owned company that is committed to the quality of our products and services. Our commitment to quality starts through the process of personally growing and extracting the plants used in our products. By handpicking our strains and ensuring their most ideal climate, we effectively obtain the most exceptional ingredients used to deliver you the best natural and herbal supplements.

Full Transparency

Lab Sheets

See the third-party tested lab results for our products!

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