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Can CBD Get you High?

Can CBD Get You High?

If you’ve never tried CBD products but are considering them, you may have some questions, such as can CBD get you high? What does CBD oil feel like? And, will CBD oil show up in drug tests? These questions make sense because CBD products are extracted from cannabis plants. Read on to get answers on these and many more.

What Are the Effects of CBD on Your Body?

Our bodies naturally produce endocannabinoids. These are neurotransmitters, which bind to cannabinoid receptors in your nervous system, including the brain. The endocannabinoids produced in the body act like natural THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the compound found in marijuana that makes you high. However, natural endocannabinoids have a much shorter effect in the body than THC does.

When CBD, which is also found in cannabis, enters the body, its interaction and stimulation of the endocannabinoid system promote homeostasis in the body, which reduces the inflammatory response and the sensation of pain.

There is a promising indication that CBD oil can be used to help with cigarette cessation., and additional research suggests that it can reduce drug cravings or withdrawal symptoms.

CBD and Pain Reduction

CBD studies indicate that it reduces pain and inflammation. CBD oil is well tolerated by most people and has few adverse side effects. It’s been found CBD may be most effective in reducing pain when used in formulations that include some amounts of the compound THC. Research has focused on pain reduction through CBD with diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

Will CBD Get Me High?

Will CBD Get Me High?

If you are new to CBD products, you might wonder, does CBD get you high? Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive.

Full-spectrum CBD oils like SuperTrees Full Spectrum CBD Oil are made to intentionally incorporate the complete cannabinoid profile, which means including trace amounts of THC. However, full-spectrum CBD products must be made in strict compliance with federal regulations, which require that they have less than .3% THC. This means you don’t have to worry about severe unwanted psychoactive effects.  If you are asking, does CBD give you a high, you might compare its overall impact to a runner’s high; it’s more a whole-body experience.

Full-spectrum CBD products allow you to experience what is called the “entourage effect.”  This is the theory that suggests that THC and CBD work better when taken together than when taken alone.

In a mid-range level, there are also products that are termed “broad-spectrum.” These CBD products contain a range of other cannabinoids (remember there are hundreds), but no THC. They are believed to provide most of the benefits of the entourage effect but without the risk of testing positive for any amount of THC.

CBD and Drug Testing

So, you may wonder, if full-spectrum CBD oil products contain trace amounts of THC, will taking one make you fail a drug test? The answer is, it’s highly unlikely. As explained by VeryWellHealth, CBD oil is extracted from hemp cannabis, rather than marijuana, which has very little THC. In the cases of positive results on drug tests, the CBD oil is more likely to have been purchased from cannabis dispensaries (located in places where cannabis is legal), as opposed to a reputable online retailer.

If you work in a place that conducts random drug screening, you can set your mind at ease with taking a CBD isolate product like SuperTrees CBD Isolate Oil. These products use a refining and distillation product to remove any remaining traces of THC. If you are concerned can you get high off CBD, this is the product to alleviate any worries.

CBD Tinctures

Many people turn to CBD tinctures when wanting to try CBD oil to relieve anxiety or ease pain.  CBD tinctures typically are made from hemp varieties that have high CBD content, and often they contain as much as 60-70% alcohol. They have a long shelf life and are easily absorbed sublingually (under the tongue).  Rest assured, you don’t have to worry if you are wondering, does tincture get you high?

What Is the Difference Between CBD and THC?

The answer to “Does CBD oil get you high?” is a simple no. The reason is that CBD doesn’t target the same cannabinoid receptors as THC. There are actually over 100 known cannabinoids, each having different interactions with our natural endocannabinoid system.

So if CBD doesn’t get you high, what does CBD feel like? Well, rather than causing anxiety or paranoia as the THC in street marijuana might, the main effect attributed to CBD products is an overall sense of calm and relaxation. In regards to how CBD oil makes you feel will vary from relaxed to calm and at peace. Instead of a specific emotion like the euphoria associated with getting high, there is often the reduction of unpleasant emotions and states, including anxiety, pain, sleeplessness, and nausea.

Those who have turned to vaping might be wondering if CBD vape oil will get you high. If this is your intent for buying CBD oil, think again. Like any other CBD product, even though you are inhaling CBD as vapor, it will not have this effect. The only answer on how to get higher lies in medicinal or illegal cannabis or cannabis use in the states that have been approved for recreational use. See Business Insider’s map for current legalized recreational and medicinal marijuana states in the nation.

CBD Oil and Getting High: A Summary

CBD products affect all of us differently. If you want to know how does CBD makes you feel, the only answer is to try it personally.  Can CBD oil get you high? No, the CBD has only a mild impact on the brain and central nervous system function. The resulting psychoactive effects are comparable to what you might expect from chocolate or caffeine.

CBD products are generally recognized as safe, non-habit forming, and relaxing or energizing rather than any feeling of being out of control.  If you are worried about drug screening, you can set your mind at ease by using a THC-free pure CBD isolate.


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