Celery Seed

Celery Seeds: Benefits, Uses, and More

Written By: Dr. Erin Walker. Chief Medical Officer of SuperTrees Botanicals

When you choose to use plants (herbs) for your health, beware – they often affect more than one system. When we are talking about Celery Seed, you will be surprised at the healing crammed into this little powerhouse.  Here are a few things Celery Seed may accomplish in your body.  Gear up!

Celery has been shown to have the health potential of:

  • Reducing inflammation and joint pain associated with osteoarthritis[1]
  • Improving blood pressure by acting as a kidney tonic, which restores health and vitality to the tissue[4]
  • Improving blood sugar and cholesterol in diabetes (trials are currently done in diabetic rats)[7]

We will take a minute to dive into each health benefit, looking at the advantages of this tiny seed more closely.

Joint Pain

It is easy to reach for Aspirin® or Ibuprofen® when joint pain creeps in. We think of these over-the-counter wonder drugs as ‘tried and true’.  However, they can have bothersome side effects.  For example, they can cause digestive irritation and bleeding of the digestive tract.  If you have had a stomach ulcer, these medications are off limits.

They can be further concerning as they thin the blood, which would be trouble for someone who bruises easily.  There is even some research to indicate that regular use of medications like Ibuprofen® can further wreck the joints[2].  Finding an option to help with your joint pain that is just as effective as Aspirin® or Ibuprofen® without these pesky side effects would be your best bet.

The next time you are in pain, consider reaching for Celery Seed.  Celery Seed has been shown to reduce joint inflammation as effectively, without causing digestive irritation[1].  It is an anti-inflammatory for the joints.

When you choose Celery Seed for joint pain, you are averting those pesky side effects that medications like Ibuprofen® have.  Celery Seed has the potential ‘side benefits’ of actually reducing stomach irritation[3].  Yes, that is right, it can actually aid with reducing inflammation of the stomach.  Celery Seed also has been shown to work as a powerful antioxidant[3].  You can feel more comfortable joints and all when you are using Celery Seed for joint pain.

Blood Pressure

The kidney is a sophisticated filtration system.  The kidney helps to keep your blood clean.  Balancing water and minerals, eliminating waste products, and aiding the body by cleaning the blood are the main jobs of the kidneys.  As such, they are important organs for blood pressure regulation.

Celery Seed is a kidney tonic.  It helps to improve kidney vitality, keeping the kidney healthy and strong.  Studies have shown Celery Seed components to facilitate in lowering blood pressure in hypertensive rats[4].  However, in rats with normal blood pressure, it did not lower their blood pressure[4]. These are the brilliant components of this herb. Aiding your body right where you need it.

Clinically, this is where I have used Celery Seed extensively.  I have found it an excellent tool for improving blood pressure in patients who are mildly to moderately hypertensive. I feel comfortable in prescribing it for patients as it tones the system, without causing long term damage to the kidney and heart, as many blood pressure medications can do.

With Celery Seed, I also feel confident in avoiding ‘hypotension’ (too low of blood pressure) with this herb.  Many people with hypertension also struggle with edema (swelling in the feet and legs).  Celery Seed as a kidney tonic and mineral balancing herb, helps gently to reduce the edema.  Celery Seed is one of my ‘GO TO’ herbs for helping the body with hypertension and edema **.

Diabetes, Cholesterol, & Liver Protective Effects

The liver, another amazing filter, needs all the help it can get in today’s toxic world. Celery Seed to the rescue!  In studies, a component of Celery Seed has been shown to protect the liver[5].  Celery Seed oil could be helpful in reducing liver enzymes and aiding to restore liver function[6].

In addition to restoring liver function, components of celery seed have been shown to aid with blood sugar regulation and lipid levels in diabetic rats[7].  Triglycerides are a type of cholesterol (lipid) that is the primary storage form of sugar.  The celery seed oil has been shown to help reduce triglyceride levels[5].  All of this power is packed into a tiny little seed.

When you are working toward health, choosing plants to help you can offer a broad base of benefits.  Celery Seed is no exception.  If you are looking for health benefits whether with joint pain, blood pressure support, or liver protection, find comfort in using Celery Seed to help you get there.  This powerful little seed packs a punch into a healthier life.

** If you are on blood pressure medication, talk to your doctor prior to adding in other therapies which may lower blood pressure.


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