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Our Story

Welcome to SuperTrees! Our mission is to provide our customers with the healthiest trees and plant-based products. Each of our herbal products is made with the finest botanical extracts obtained from plants, such as hemp, aloe, and slippery elm. All our formulas are manufactured to the highest standards and tested for quality and purity, ensuring you the best plant-based products available today.

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At SuperTrees we aim to meet the highest standards of quality by using the finest natural ingredients to make our products. Take 15% off your order when you take our quiz and find the product to meet your specific needs!
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From Seed To Oil

With over 40 years of experience growing trees, we know what it takes to grow quality plants. We use our experience to grow healthy hemp plants that are carefully cultivated, without any pesticides, to produce high-quality oils. We extract the oils using supercritical CO2, the cleanest and purest way to extract oil. These extracts are then used to create our signature CBD formulas, so you know you are getting the cleanest and purest hemp products available today.
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