Maple, Norwegian Sunset

Acer truncatum 'Keithsform'

The Norwegian Sunset Maple is a small to medium sized tree that grows in an upright oval shape to 35 feet tall and 25 feet wide.  It's uniform canopy and growth is similar to Norway Maple, but it also retains the glossy folliage and heat resistance attributes of the Shantung Maple. It's green leaves have an orange to red fall color.  Prefers acidic well drained soil, but seems to do better in alkaline soil than other maple cultivars.  Hardy to USDA Zone 4  

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Tree Details
Botanical Name: 
Acer truncatum 'Keithsform'
Growing Zones: 
Mature Height: 
30-40 feet
Mature Width: 
20-30 feet
SuperTrees #25 Norwegian Sunset Maple
SuperTrees #25 Norwegian Sunset Maple
Maple, Norwegian Sunset Fall