Flowering Chokecherry, Canada Red

Prunus virginiana 'Schubert'

The canada red chokecherry is a beautiful tree.   Grows oval 20-25 ft tall.  Has dark purple leaves most of the year, except for the new growth in early spring has green leaves which quickly turn dark purple like the rest of the leaves. Prefers full sun or partial shade.  White flowers in spring; red fruit turns black in fall.  Hardy to USDA Zone 2 .

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Tree Details
Botanical Name: 
Prunus virginiana 'Schubert'
Growing Zones: 
Mature Height: 
20-30 feet
Mature Width: 
20-25 feet
Chokecherry, Canada Red
Chokecherry, Canada Red
Chokecherry, Canada Red Leaf
Chokecherry, Canada Red Sky
Chokecherry, Canada Red #25